Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is that Person in the Picture? I Don't Recognize Me.

Yep, that's me. I feel like I was a totally different human being then. I was fast, disciplined and had the eye of the tiger. Where did that go??? Sometimes I miss training and racing. Especially for triathlons because I loved the variety(well, except the biking part). When I see large groups of runners on Saturday mornings I am so glad that is not me. The drudgery and the achey joints later. No good.

I do miss the bonding though. When you run with someone for 3 hours, that is quality time! I bet when I trained for marathons with my buddies, I spent more quality time with them than their spouses did. You get to know these people and they become lifelong friends.

I have evolved to doing other things and I think that is good. I hope to continue to evolve and find new things to do and new skills to learn. Five years ago I never thought I would be doing Olympic Lifting! I just imagined those dudes in the olympics lifting 700 pounds in those crazy wrestling suits - yikes! It's been a blast. Who knew?

As the Lululemon Manifesto goes: "Do something once a day that scares you"...what are you going to do today?

Do you want to be doing the same things five years down the road?

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