Thursday, October 14, 2010

11 Days....

I started this journey 11 days ago. I was resistant. However, I discovered something. Challenges like this force you to be creative. Our meals have been delicious for the most part and I tend to have leftovers, which is why I didn't post yesterday (and the fact that I was crazy busy).

I am 11 days in and wanted to do a little self evaluation. First of all, regarding the food itself, here are some surprising things: 1) I don't miss dairy - okay, maybe tonight as my kids were eating Willie's cake and ice cream I missed it a little, but that was the first time. 2) I don't miss cookies, cake, candy or anything super sweet. 3) I don't miss grains. 4) I miss alcohol - okay, not that surprising.

Regarding my weight, I weighed myself on Day 2 and I was 143.6. I weighed myself today and I was 138.8. That is a loss of 4.8 pounds in 10 days. I was concerned at first but then got to thinkin'....we retain a lot more water when we are eating more sugar and salt, so it must be mostly water weight. I hope. I came home after my weigh in and downed a whole avacodo and as much coconut milk as I could muster! I will keep tabs on it, but this goes to show that I haven't been hungry at all and I have still lost weight, so that is good for those of you out there with that goal in mind.

I feel like I have great energy and I might be hallucinating but I think my skin looks better. Remember that goal of hoping to be really hot like Dallas (in a girly way for me)? - not sure I am there yet! I pee a lot due to all of the water I drink and my body not retaining it, which is a pain in the arse. But, my pee is clear so that is AWESOME :-) My workouts have felt great. However, I did "Angie" yesterday (100 pull-ups, 100 pushups, 100 squats & 100 situps) and my time was almost 4 minutes slower than it was 14 months ago. I felt like I was working hard so I don't know what is up with that - the diet??? Hmmmm. Need more data....

Last summer I went strict zone for 30 days. It was a great experience and like this, I had to get creative. The biggest change I made in my diet from experiencing the zone was starting my day with more protein and eating less grains throughout the day. I did not enjoy measuring my food. I think there will be more that I will take from this challenge in the end but I won't want to maintain it at this level for the long term.

Peace out!

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