Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ooh La La...Yummy

Tuesday evening's dinner. After a hectic Monday and a crazy birthday party Sunday, it was nice to sit down to a well put together meal with my family. We had promised the boys they could make their own pizzas tonight, but I think they might have liked this meal.

I found this meal on the Whole9 website under Steal This Meal (STM). Roasted Apples with Pork and Mint Pesto was mighty tasty. The recipe isn't written out very user friendly, but now that I have followed this once, it will be a piece of cake. We used pork but you could use chicken or turkey as well.

The only bad thing about this meal is the apples. I wanted to grab the vanilla ice cream out of our freezer and top it with all of the leftover apples/walnuts and cinammon......but I didn't.

I had to include a picture of Charlie's pizza. Sooooo unWHole30! But so cute and the boys love making their own dinner.

Tonight we are heading to the Wild game. Boy, we are going to be the wildest people there - I will definitely miss my beer here not to mention the pulled BBQ Pork that I get every single game. Oh well. Good thing our seats rock because we get a lot of smooshed faces right on the glass!

Wish me luck!

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