Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday Blahs and a Big Whoopsie!

Ahh, Monday. The end of this day marks my half way point through this challenge...but who's counting? Mondays are my tough day. I am up early for work, kids to school, run errands, back to work, workout, pick up kids, homework, back to work, home and go to bed. My time for meal planning on this particular day of the week is non-existent. On Mondays I tend to not eat enough. I stay within the parameters of the challenge food wise, but I am not sure Melissa or Dallas would recommend eating this way!

After the noon workout today I met a friend for lunch at Turtle Bread Company. I ordered tomato squash soup and a salad with a breast of chicken with balsamic dressing. The soup was yummy and the salad was fine. I cleaned both the soup bowl and the salad plate no problem. Once I finished the soup, I realized that it was probably a milk based soup. Sure enough it was. I didn't even think about this when ordering. I have been eating perfectly for the first half of the challenge and to mess up kind of stinks, but I am going to look at the bright side. I didn't die. I didn't have any reaction to the milk so I must be lactose tolerant. And, it was damn tasty. It was an honest mistake and I will learn to ask more questions when ordering food at restaurants.

For some quick lunch options while out and about, I have had the unwich at Jimmy Johns with double meat and extra veggies and Noodles & Co has a chinese chopped salad minus the wontons add a breast of chicken. Great options! If you have any others you have come across, please share in comments!

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TxTriSkatemom said...

oh, I miss Noodles! I used to work in Boulder & Springs during week & fly home on weekends & at least three x a week I'd have Noodles. the chinese chopped salad, chicken noodle soup were my standbys. If I was running that night, I'd go with plain noodles with grilled chicken & parmesan. Perfect.