Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is kind of a big deal for me. I wanted to do this 5 years ago, but my very intelligent and patient husband made me wait and do it right. Smart man because now I get to enjoy it and not be stressed out about it. I opened my own gym. Yes, FitNeighbor, LLC, now known as Tangletown CrossFit has a home.

I found a space approximately 3-5 minutes from my house, and it is in the beautiful Southwest Minneapolis neighborhood called Tangletown (hence the name).

One of the draws of FitNeighbor was that classes were held outdoors. This was awesome because we really took advantage of the Minnesota weather when it cooperated. It wasn't so nice when I had to find other options when the weather did not cooperate. Now that I have an indoor space, there is none of that stress. AND, we will take class outdoors when the weather gets nice, promise!

The website is and we are located at 4632 Nicollet Avenue South, just 2 blocks west of 35W in Southwest Minneapolis. Come on by for a free class (if you have never been) and check it out!


Marley said...
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Marley said...

Let's try that again... Darcy, Sara here (aka Marley). Congrats on your new space - it looks fab. Can't wait to hear about all the greatness that will be achieved there. Go get em!