Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Heart Spinach

Dinner tonight: A large mound of spinach topped with a tomato, an avocado, an egg and a breast of chicken. Dressing was my EVOO, red wine vinegar and dijon concoction.

Have I told you that I love spinach? I once read in some celebrity tabloid that Demi Moore's secret to staying fit/lean was that she loves spinach and doesn't like chocolate. Hmmmm, should I use that one the next time someone asks how they can get arms that look like mine? I do love spinach. I don't like chocolate that much (unless it is overpowered by lots of vanilla or caramel or peanut butter - but oh well, can't have that stuff either).

I am very happy to report that although I am not experiencing anything miraculous from this challenge, many people at the gym (Crossfit Minnesota) are. In one instance there is a girl that has been on asthma meds all of her life. Taking out the dairy and possibly the gluten has allowed her to be med free for the first time ever. In another instance this guy has been on prednisone for some muscular problems most likely due to inflammation. By following this strict diet he has gone off the prednisone and has lost 18 pounds to date. Apparently he is kind of pissed that his doctor didn't mention changing his diet prior to being put on meds, but unfortunately meds are easy. Most people wouldn't change their diet this drastically. It works people.

I came across some research that said for people with MS, following this diet they can see up to a 98% decrease in their symptoms. Also, while my kids aren't following the diet as strictly as we are, once we took them off milk Charlie's behavior has made a dramatic change for the positive. He is more focused and because of that, his maturity has come along and he is getting more positive feedback and is thriving on that.

If you are experiencing aches, pains, are overweight, inactive, on meds for something, change your diet. Diet is 90% of what you look like. You can work out like a crazy person for hours a day but if your diet sucks, you will have a plateau at some point and your efforts in the gym won't show. It is not that hard to stick to for 30 days....it might save your life!

Oh, and did I mention that I love spinach?

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