Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Menu for Today AND a Resource for Y'all

Our dinner tonight consisted of 100% grass fed bison burgers grilled up topped with mustard, tomato and avocado. I baked up some green beans in the oven and had mashed butternut squash that was left over from last night. Nothing too exciting but not every night can be an adventure! It's tiring!

I had a great breakfast this morning. I had my usual 4 scrambled eggs with spinach but threw some leftover veggies - zucchini, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes in. Obviously topped with avocado because I LOVE avocado! I bought 8 of them at the store today and boy do I hate it when I open one up and it is rotten! Frustrating! $1.49/avocado and rising!

We had Willie's 5th Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese today. Talk about a Whole30 Challenge nightmare! We stuck to it and probably went too long without eating. The minute we got home all of our leftovers were on the counter and being devoured cold. I finally finished off the not so good carnitas (which I never blogged about my "steak" caranitas) but I couldn't let them go to waste - that grass fed meat is damn expensive! We did a great job of cleaning out our fridge so this afternoon I had to make a trip to the store. Once again.

I wanted to share a resource that gives me more hope that I won't get bored eating this way. I made the baked green beans from this site and they were pretty good. I am really interested in this spaghetti.

I watched the video where she makes the spaghetti and it looks tasty and I love that her kids help her cook! While I think I have a good base of meals so far, I am excited to see what else I can add to the mix.

Nighty Night!

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