Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sandwiches and a Sucky Week

I am officially past my 30 days of the challenge. I woke up on day 31 and sort of forgot that the challenge was over. There was nothing I had a hankering for.

The sandwich posted here is on a large portabella mushroom. I saw this on everyday paleo and thought since I like mushrooms, that this would be a good substitute for bread. It was not. Maybe if I had cut it thinner but it just didn't taste that good either.

I am not going to follow the Whole 30 exactly from now on. As I have mentioned before, I like balance. There is nothing balanced about this way of eating. Have you seen the pictures of Melissa & Dallas's cupboards on facebook? Not balanced!

I have been home sick for the past two days and along with that, I sprained my ankle Tuesday morning on my run. So, I decided to bake up some gluten free bread. I am not a crazy bread eater, but I do enjoy it from time to time on a good sandwich. I do also know that gluten is not all that great for you! So, if I like gluten free bread, I am okay with adding that back into my diet. AND? I really like it! Now if I can get my kids to eat it!

Pictured here is the sandwich I had for dinner tonight on my bread. Tasty stuff. Much better than mushroom bread.

On another note, when you have the stomach flu and you are trying to follow the Whole30 plan, it is very difficult. All I wanted all day was some Chicken Noodle Soup and if I had some in my house, it would've been mine. I did opt for a bowl of cereal (my first in well over 32 days) and while I am not sure that is what the doctor ordered, it made me happy for a time.

It is 7:10 p.m., my boys are watching Star Wars and I am going to bed.

Nighty Night!

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Court said...

Great job on making bread... can't imagine doing that any day let alone on a day I'm not feeling well! I hope you feel better and heal up that foot soon.