Monday, November 8, 2010

What I learned....

Here is what I learned from my Whole 30 Experience.

1. You will lose weight if you follow this very strict plan.

2. I cannot live without my occasional glass of wine (you should all know that by now). I have had beer twice in the las 35 days and felt sick the next day both times.

3. Dairy does not make me sick. With the one mess up - remember the squash soup? AND the two bowls (in a row) of ice cream I had this weekend, I was just fine.

4. Going without something you enjoy makes you eat more of it - two bowls of ice cream anyone? Hmmmm.

5. I can live without my diet coke but not my coffee with now coconut milk creamer (instead of the processed, never expired creamer I was using before).

6. Stop Reading Here if You don't want TMI: This plan messed up my very regular, if not like clock work, bowel movement schedule. I thought the coffee would take care of it, but evidently there is something else I was missing on this plan. Not sure if it is the lack of dairy or grains, but I didn't overdose on either of those before so not sure.

7. I enjoyed about 90% of my meals. I also enjoyed the planning, shopping and creativity.

8. I will not continue to be as picky. I had a chopped salad at a restaurant today and I had to have them take off the blue cheese and the tortillas. I had them leave on the corn. I don't eat that much corn but if I had to take one more thing off my salad, then it would have been a lame salad so I ate corn.

9. I plan to eat gluten free bread. But I must have bread for sandwiches once in a while.

10. I highly recommend anyone doing this challenge. You might think at first that it is impossible to go without. BUT, you will learn so much! Think of it as an adventure. I will never eat like I did prior to this challenge, just like doing the Zone for 30 days changed me. You have to experience it. Remember, food is fuel. Not a reward. Not a treat. Fuel.


Court said...

thanks for sharing your experience, very interesting & inspiring. I keep trying to remember that - food is fuel, food is fuel...

Sarah said...

it is SO much easier than you think going in. you documented it well and normal. it sounds scary but its' not bad at all. just more planning. thank god i'm a woman...