Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life After Whole 30

So I have been officially done with the Whole 30 Challenge and I have to say, I haven't changed that much. If you have been following my challenge, you know I brought wine back into my life and I now have cheese on my salads. Exciting!

I just included some random pictures of some meals I have had over the past week or so and I just love the veggies. I went to a cooking class (thanks to Danielle & Sarah) and made some Spicy Brussel Sprouts with Mint that blew me away. See picture of them with the sweet potatoes and turkey.

We purchase raw, naked almonds in bulk. For some reason this past week I decided to buy them salted. Big Mistake. These are like crack for me. I. Can't. Stop. Fortunately I finished them off today and WILL NOT be purchasing those again. Salted almonds are heaven to me but I know no limits!

Tonight I am a single mommy and had Willie at Jujitsu at 5 p.m. and Charlie at Boy Scouts at 6:30. For Boy Scouts each parent signs up to lead a den meeting. One of the Den Meeting's topics is the Food Pyramid. Should I lead this one and tell all of the kiddos that the food pyramid is made by large companies that pay the government a lot of money so they can sell their foods that fit under grains but are really low nutrient/calorie dense foods? Thoughts??? The food pyramid is a conspiracy! It is not until April so I have some time to plan this one out.

Keep making healthy choices but remember balance. You only live once and while you want to make it a long, healthy life, you want to enjoy it too!


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Elizabeth said...

I love this post. I love it anytime you encourage healthy eating but also encourage people to be human. Good luck with the food pyramid. That's a tough call!