Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Houston, We Have a Triathlon Problem! Okay, Not Really.

I don't have any REAL problems at the moment (unless you count the drug dealer in my neighborhood a problem). But, in my quest to set goals, I have a triathlon problem. I did my first triathlon back in like, hmmm, 2000? Jeeez, can't even recall. I won my age group on a used bike that I hadn't ridden (because I didn't have a bike and hadn't trained for that part yet) and left my goggles around my neck for the duration of the race. I was hooked.

I was decent at something that I didn't train that hard for. I bought a bike. Did more races, got more age group wins, decided to go elite and fared well. During that time, I sold my first bike and upgraded(splurged) to a fairly nice triathlon bike.

Here is my triathlon problem: I. don't. enjoy. biking. I dread it and practically barf thinking about getting on a spin bike. So, since my New Year's resolution from 2009 (and continues to be forever) is: if it is not fun and I have control over not doing it, then don't. Okay, so the exact wording was more like, if there are certain things that annoy me on a regular basis and I have control over changing it, then change it! Same concept.

I enjoy getting into the zone. Running, swimming, crossfit - you can zone out. I can't do that on a bike. You always have to be on. Dude, when I get a break from my kids, I want to be off!!

This doesn't mean I won't do anymore triathlons. I might participate in some sprints but I can guarantee you I will not have gotten on my bike prior.

Now here is the opposite of a problem: I love to run. I zone out. I feel good doing it and I can be fast. So in looking at my goals, I think I need to do some different things. A 50K possibly? I know I can do that. How bout a 50 miler? Hmmmm, that is questionable, so I guess that is what I need to do. We will see what 2011 brings!


Misty said...

I love your position on not doing things that annoy you. Our lives are so short: why should we spend any more time than necessary doing things that don't move us, motivate us, or bring us joy? Unless you feel there are some lessons you can learn from being on the bike, or some way to make it enjoyable, then I second your motion to say "poop on it!"... at least for now.
Now, as for this trail run. I think you'll kick butt, enjoy it, and be successful. Sounds like a pretty good goal to me! Can't wait to see it happen!

Kara said...

So logical. And I have to say, I feel a little like you do, *except* once I actually convince myself to bike I enjoy it. But dang it's hard for me to get there sometimes! Endurance running! Watch out!